The RA SHIELD was released by Wave Genome LLC to help its clients restore the Wave Optics of chromosomes under the condition of the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic. SARS-Cov-19 has the artificial HIV inserts, so that the HIV retrovirus has now become airborne. HIV retrovirus, alike the spirochete bacteria causing the Lyme disease, are considered to be incurable. SARS-Cov-19 as the airborne HIV retrovirus constitutes great danger since (1) its risk lies not in the short-term pandemic with high mortality, but in the slow shut-down of the structural genes across the wide human populations via the recombinant RNA of the retrovirus, causing the slow degeneration with the resultant sterilization of human populations; (2) the airborne HIV can spread over the borders and to any rank of society, demobilizing the working force, the elites, government, army, and intelligence; (3) no immunity is produced by the human body, and, so, no vaccine can be provided by FDA due to the nature of SARS-Cov-19 as the airborne HIV retrovirus. The pandemic of SARS-CoV-19 will end up not in the elimination and control of the infection, but in the mutation of the virus, so that it will weaken and become less noticeable in the public eye, though preserving all its disastrous impact on human genome. Since no immunity is formed, any attempt at vaccine will be the spread of the virus, instead of its elimination. This is besides the factor of the seasonal mutations of the virus, which makes any vaccine obsolete with a new flu season. The RA SHIELD by Wave Genome LLC addresses these risks, offering the personalized on-the-spot treatment of client’s Wave Optics of chromosomes.


The RA SHIELD device, hereinafter referred to as the device, is intended for restoring the Wave Optics in chromosomes during cell division via the technology of Bioholography. The technology of Bioholography is based upon Dr. Irene Caesar’s fundamental theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes (1985-2014). The device produces Bioholograms for the Bioholographic treatment. Client is able to create his/her own Personalized Bioholographic Pharmacies in the privacy of their homes. For personalization of Bioholographic drugs, client uses his/her brain output (via electrode) and biological material (saliva, mucus, blood, urine, etc.). Client can modulate his/her own Biohologram with any Biomodulator, e.g., the immunomodulator.

The RA SHIELD produces a Biohologram via the generator of the form, which creates the scalar wave when the trigger of the certain signal is present, which is impulse, coherent (with the stable frequency), and having the low-high range of frequencies. The generator of the form provides the reflection of the wave back upon itself. The scalar wave is created by the superposition of the two waves-components of the original trigger-wave in the opposite phases. These two components of the scalar wave are described as an Object Beam and a Reference Beam modulated by the Refraction Code of Object’s Modulating Wave.

The RA SHIELD uses the three-level mechanism for creating a Biohologram. The first-level is the electro-magnetic induction method for transferring the electric potential into the magnetic potential. The second level is the generator of the scalar waves as the electret-based chip produced as a microprocessor. And the third level is the multi-step repetition of the two modes of involution of the resultant signal for increasing the density of the scalar wave diffraction grating for the sake of the more precision of Refraction towards the Zero Center / Focus of client’s Biohologram. Client can initiate the third level him/herself.

The produced Bioholograms are intended for the use (1) via electrodes directly onto the skull; and (2) via recording the Biohologram onto the various media, including in big quantities. Client increases the density of the scalar wave diffraction grating due to the needs of his/her health condition.


Dr. Irene Caesar had developed her fundamental theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes (2010-2014) based upon her theory of Wave Crystals or the wave crystal media (© Dr. Irene Caesar - Wave Crystallography, 1985).

During cell division, the Chromatin forms two chromatids. And two chromatids form an x-shaped chromosome. So, the liquid crystal media of your body literally crystallizes during cell division. The universe is 93% energy, and only 7% particles, which are also only the concentrated energy. So, the wave crystallization comes first, and, then, the crystallization of the liquid crystal media of our bodies (we are water for 95%). Wave crystal media demonstrates the same structure as solid crystals, and is characterized by the fractal centering and focusing of the systematic whole, based upon the Wave Optics within the scalar wave diffraction grating. Thus, treatment should be based upon addressing the 93% wave nature of the living matter.

For example, the electronic microscopy demonstrates that RNA is the nonlocal torsion splashes simultaneously lighting up around the cell. Since RNA infections are the wave forms of life for 93%, and the biochemical matter only for 7%, it is possible to fight against the RNA viral infections, like SARS-Cov-19, only via Wave Genome’s LLC technology of Bioholography, based upon Dr. Irene Caesar’s fundamental theory of Wave Optics in chromosomes. It is precisely because retroviruses are the nonlocal simultaneous wave forms within the cell, the human immune system has difficulty in localizing them, and building the defense. The immune system responds with the inadequate response, attacking client’s own bodily organs and physiological systems, causing organ failure, and death from the autoimmune disease. That is why, the Hydroxychloroquine is used for the SARS-Cov-19 cases, since the Hydroxychloroquine is an immune modulator used for the autoimmune diseases, like AIDS and Rheumatoid Arthritis. But the Hydroxychloroquine does not treat the virus itself, and its side effect is the total suppression and the resultant failure of the immune system. Therefore, the Hydroxychloroquine should not be in any case considered as a treatment (and, of course, not a cure) for the SARS-Cov-19.

All dysfunctions and diseases are caused by the destruction of Wave Optics in chromosomes (transposition, deletion, etc., as the structural defects of chromosomes) -- failure in centering and focusing of Wave Crystals (wave crystal media). The same gene gets expressed in the functional individuals and species by the metacentric chromosome, which is analogous to a well-centered and well-focused eye. And the same gene gets expressed in the dysfunctional individuals and species by the acrocentric chromosome, which is analogous to a near-sighted or far-sighted eye, out of focus. The RA SHIELD by Wave Genome LLC creates Wave Lenses that assist your chromosomes in crystallization, so that you get your Wave Matrix / Biohologram most centered and most focused.

The Holographic Principle states that the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point. This means that every Wave Matrix / Biohologram has the infinite number of waves, particles and fields, i.e., it is nonlocal in the Quantum Biononlocality. Therefore, it is impossible to correct and enhance the functionality of chromosomes just by one frequency or the set of frequencies. So, the Digital Homeopathy with its simple inversion of the signal, recorded from the client, is insufficient for the treatment.

The implication of the Holographic Principle (© Dr. Irene Caesar, 2012) states that, if the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique. Every Matrix has its own Wave Optics with its own unique Refraction Code. Wave Matrices / Bioholograms differ from each other by one’s own unique Refraction Code towards one and only Zero Center / Focus, shared by all the Wave Matrices from galaxy to chromosome. This means that any treatment should be personalized. The treatment should be based upon the procedure of extracting client’s own biological material (blood, saliva, mucus, urine, etc.) and subjecting it to the protocol of Bioholography for correcting client’s Wave Optics in chromosomes. Biohologram is not “an image”, but the structural nature of the signal. To correct the structural abnormalities in chromosomes on the biochemical level, we need to correct the structural abnormalities in client’s Wave Optics of chromosomes.

Wave Genome LLC is the first biotechnology company in the world to encode the electret-based chips (“Psi-generators”) with client’s unique Biohologram (Refraction Code of Wave Optics) via laser on nanolevel, recorded from client’s childhood or adult photograph; and from client’s biomaterial. Wave Genome LLC is the first biotechnology company in the world to create the Bioholographic Stem Cell treatment, based upon client’s own stem cells extracted from client’s epithelial cells, in collaboration with the Bauman Russian State Technology University in Moscow, the largest and most important science University in Russia, of MIT level.

The protocol of the Bioholography consists of three stages. The first stage is for the neutralizing all the external linear signals via reflecting them back upon themselves (inverting) within the scalar wave. Scalar wave annuls any external linear signal, when the peak of the forward-going wave is nullified by the trough of the same wave reflected back upon itself. The second stage is the creation of the scalar wave diffraction grating (wave media crystallization), and the emergence of Refraction, so that the next external linear signal is refracted towards the Zero Center / Focus of the emerged Wave Crystal (wave crystal media). And the third stage is the scaling of Refraction, so that every segment of the scalar wave diffraction grating becomes itself the scalar wave, from the bodily organ level, to the cellular level, to the molecular level, to the atomic level, and to the subatomic levels, ad infinitum.

The Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal is the access to the Quantum Biononlocality. Every Biohologram is unique and nonlocal, and has its own Refraction Code for accessing the Quantum Biononlocality. Disease is the loss of client’s access to the Quantum Biononlocality. Treatment should consist in deciphering client’s unique Refraction Code of his/her nonlocal Wave Optics (from direct recording the wave activity of the brain; from client’s childhood photograph; from client’s preserved placenta, etc.), then, in enhancing client’s Refraction Code via the scalar waves, and, finally, in applying client’s enhanced Refraction Code in treatment.

Since the universe is holographic, the signals, that are not holographic, are harmful to us. Especially harmful are the one-strand spiral antenna wave forms of viruses and bacteria, like spirochete bacteria that causes Lyme disease, and retroviruses, like HIV, which causes AIDS. There are no vaccines possible for these viruses and bacteria, and diseases caused by them are considered to be incurable due to the fact that they are simply the antenna-plug-ins of the nonlocal planetary wave forms of life. Viruses and bacteria are the binary biological matter, meaning that viruses (microphages) and bacteria are coupled in ecosphere, with their genes interchanged (genetic mosaicism). Therefore, in the ecosphere, as a whole, they exist as the planetary scalar wave, but in our bodies, they manifest themselves as the linear signal plug-ins. It is possible to counter these wave plug-ins only via the Scalar Wave Inversion and Refraction in Bioholography.

The process of the Bioholography is initiated by the scalar wave created by an Object Beam and a Reference Beam modulated by the Refraction Code of Object’s Modulating Wave. Further on, the process of the Bioholography allows for adding more wave modulations, as the additional Refraction Codes, e.g., the immunomodulators. Bioholograms can be recorded (and, then, transferred) in any spectrum of the electro-magnetic range via recreating the Refraction Code of object’s Wave Optics. The Bioholographic treatment is in principle nonlocal at the close and long range through the Quantum Biononlocality.


Technology of Bioholography is based upon the Refraction Codes in the scalar wave diffraction grating. Let us analyze the three stages of the Bioholography in detail. At the first stage of restoring client’s Wave Optics in chromosomes, the RA SHIELD creates the scalar wave to nullify the external linear signals, alien to client’s intrinsic Wave Optics calibrated to precision. In the scalar wave, the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave when it is reflected back upon itself. Specifically, the RA SHIELD is capable to nullify, via the scalar wave, the one-strand spiral antenna wave forms of viruses and bacteria, which are otherwise considered to be incurable.