JANUARY 13, 2018

© Irene Caesar, Ph.D., President, Founder and Owner of Wave Genome

Wave Genome is proud to announce its most advanced MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR ever: the SECOND-BIRTH Mini-Tesla Psi-Generator.
We called the new chip the "SECOND BIRTH" generator, because the client gets the most valuable bioholographic treatment ever for rejuvenation -- the biohologram of the embryonic stem cell. The SECOND-BIRTH Biohologram is available as a chip encoded by laser on nanolevel. The clinical trials were conducted by the Bauman University Medical Center. The clinical trials had demonstrated the radical improvement in the wellbeing of the participants in the clinical trials.
In the GENERIC SECOND-BIRTH Tesla Generator, the biohologram of the embryonic stem cell is generic. It is a DIGITAL CELL. It is not the biohologram of a specific embryo, but the result of the Embryonic research based upon the Quantum Leap diagnostic of holograms according to the coherence of the geometrical optics in chromosomes.
In the INDIVIDUAL SECOND-BIRTH Tesla Generator, the biohologram of the embryonic stem cell is modulated by client’s most coherent biohologram, recorded via laser from his childhood photograph.
The INDIVIDUAL SECOND-BIRTH Tesla Generator is stronger than the GENERIC one, since it has a more precise focus due to the finer / smaller grid of the scalar wave diffraction grating. But you can use the GENERIC one for the entire family, and this is also a great benefit.
If somebody else will wear your own unique INDIVIDUAL Tesla Generator, this individual will simply not connect to the focus of your unique biohologram encoded on the chip, since this person has his/her own geometrical code for refraction in the scalar wave diffraction grating of his/her biohologram.
When the modulation is added to the carrier wave in the scalar wave diffraction grating, the resulting hologram is different from these two components taken separately.
In the biohologram, the polarization emerges due to the change of the spin in the integral torsion. Due to polarization, the external signal is reflected upon itself, so that the scalar / standing wave emerges. In the scalar wave, the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave when it is reflected upon itself.  Scalar wave creates the diffraction grating, so that any next external signal is refracted towards the focus / zero center of the biohologram (aka “wave crystal”).
Any external signal is only a trigger, and the external signal can be a psychotronic attack. This is a great benefit of the Quantum Leap Laser Polarized Bioholography. The more modulations the biohologram has, the more precise focus / zero center is achieved via refraction, and the better is your protection against the psychotronic attack.
Because the SECOND-BIRTH Tesla Generator has the most fine / small / scaled scalar wave diffraction grid among our other generators, the SECOND-BIRTH Tesla Generator provides the most precise focus / zero focus of client’s biohologram and the best defense against psychotronic attack.
Thus, with the SECOND-BIRTH Chip, you will experience the most radical rejuvenation effects, including mental and physical enhancement, a more emotional control, and a better defense against psychotronic attacks.
Those of our clients, who already own one of our MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATORS, can either wear both generators together, or carry one of the generators in a pocket, or alternate generators.


The first-generation SECOND-BIRTH Psi-Generator is encapsulated in the electret encasing, which is printed on the 3D printer. The upgraded version of the SECOND-BIRTH Psi-Generator is encapsulated in the electret encasing, which is hand-made. One of the reasons is the same as the one of why a hand-made singing bowl from Nepal costs incomparibly more than a factory-made singing bowl. The uneven surface of the hand-made bowl with concave impressions creates a much denser scalar wave diffraction grating than the artificially smooth surface of the factory-made singing bowl. The other reason is that the hand-making of the encasing allows for the encoding of the encasing itself on nanolevel via the newly invented non-optical Laser of the Bauman Russian State Technology University in Moscow. Shapes and colors vary, but the shape varies only around the basic shape of a bell or Matrishka (Russian doll, having inside smaller copies of itself). This shape and structure of Matreshka was offered by Dr. Irene Caesar, based upon her Fundamental Theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes, and was tested by the Bauman Russian State Technology University to prove it to be the most effective shape for the SECOND-BIRTH Psi-Generator. Not only does the SECOND-BIRTH Psi-Generator look like Matreshka, it is also constructed like Matreshka (© Dr. Irene Caesar 2018). The upgraded SECOND-BIRTH PSI-GENERATOR X is also two times bigger than the first-generation SECOND-BIRTH Psi-Generator.

Production time varies from one week to one month and a half depending on the volume of orders. For the additional fee, or in the case of emergency, the Individualized version of the SECOND-BIRTH Psi-generator can be produced within a shorter period of time.



SECOND-BIRTH TESLA PSI-GNERATOR is the SECOND GENERATION CHIP (inside a pendant). It comes with the ADVANCED DIGITAL PHARMACY: TESLA HUMAN CELL, as 5 MP3 files of the digitized Bioholograms of the essential bodily organs and physiological systems encoded as half-audible white noise in the Sacred Mantras,  recorded by the new generation laser.
Can be combeined with the REMOTE LASER MANAGEMENT >of your Biohologram.


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